By Sea

FREE SPEED offers a complete and reliable sea and/or intermodal transport service with selected carriers.

International transport by sea takes place for any kind of goods and also for perishable, fragile, temperature controlled and out of shape material.

The consolidation of the goods takes place at our warehouses with subsequent loading and transport by container. After the container is loaded by ship and unloaded at the port of destination, the transport can continue by truck to the final destination.

Thanks to agreements with important shipping companies we are able to offer our customers a wide range of customised solutions for transport by sea including:

FLC (full container load) mode for goods coming from a single shipper to a single consignee

LCL (less container load) mode, i.e. a groupage solution for smaller quantities of goods than the complete container

Break Bulk Cargo for transport and stowage of exceptional goods that do not fit into a single container

During the consolidation phase, the goods are accompanied by the necessary documentation to ensure fast customs clearance at the port customs of arrival.

For all international sea cargo we are able to carry out door to door and intermodal shipments.