Truck Transports

Truck transport is our company’s top service. In road transport we pay particular attention to efficiency and speed, minimising waiting times and empty journeys.

By entrusting us with your goods, you can be sure of transporting them in maximum safety and traceability.

The multiple types of transport allow us to diversify our offer to best meet your needs.

In fact, we transport on:

– Vans

– 3.5 ton capacity express engines

– Complete trucks from 82 mc up to 120 mc mega trailers

– Refrigerated trucks

– Exceptional transport

Most frequent destinations

– Switzerland

– Germany

– Poland

– Benelux

– Spain

– Bulgaria

– Romania

– Russia

– Kazakhstan

– Uzbekistan

– Ukraine

– Belarus

We work with the most important international carriers and have partners located at the main border crossing points to enable fast customs clearance.

The companies we work with are carefully selected and constantly assessed by us to ensure a high level of service that meets your needs.

The presence of mother-tongue employees in the destination countries allows us to have a constant monitoring of the cargo and to pass the various customs checks without problems.