Oversize Loads

The transport of oversize goods is a type of transport among the most complex, requiring a multilateral approach in the organization of the transport, it is therefore necessary to entrust it to a highly qualified professional team with broad experience in the field of land transport, sea transport as well as combined.

Apart from shipping regulations in the country exporting the goods, it will be also exposed to the regulations in the destination country of the goods. In order to deliver  goods safely it is necessary to analyze all the factors, as the weight restrictions and measures in all the nations will have to cross during the oversize transport.
This type of knowledge allows organizing the shipping of oversize goods avoiding various risks during the transport.

The right route choice, the requests of the permissions required, and the time required to obtain them are critical steps to organize the oversize transport, moreover updated knowledge of the streets, the limitations,  and the knowledge of the real situation in which they find themselves in the streets when the exceptional transport is a necessary condition to be able to conclude the exceptional transport in the required times.

You just can not improvise, you have to use carriers with experience, having the required authorizations and permits.

FreeSped is able to analyze with you the load plan, advising you throughout the organization of oversize load .We only collaborate with certified companies with many years of experience in national and international oversize transport. Nothing is left overseen and no risk is underestimated. Every detail is considered in order to transport your goods safely.