Exceptional Transports

Exceptional transport is one of the most complex types of transport, requiring a multi-faceted approach in its implementation.

It is therefore necessary to entrust it to a team of highly qualified professionals with extensive experience in land, sea, multimodal and combined transport.

In addition to the transport regulations relating to the country in which the exceptional goods will be loaded and in addition to the regulations in force in the country of destination of the goods, in order to be able to transport the exceptional goods safely, it is necessary to know all the limitations relating to weight and measurements in all the countries that will have to be crossed.

This type of knowledge makes it possible to organise the shipment, avoiding risks of stoppage or problems of various kinds during transport.

The choice of the right route, the request for permits and the time needed to obtain them are fundamental steps in organising exceptional transport. Up-to-date knowledge of the roads, the limitations that may exist and knowledge of the real situation on the roads at the time when the exceptional transport has to take place, is a necessary condition to be able to conclude the transport in the required time.

During the last few years we have made oversized transports for the following types of goods:

  1. Live plants
  2. Maritime installations as a port stretcher
  3. Waste processing plants
  4. Agricultural technique
  5. Industrial plants

You cannot improvise, you must use experienced carriers with the necessary authorisations and permits.

FreeSped is able to analyse the loading plan with you and advise you throughout the design and organisation of the exceptional load. We only use certified companies with many years of experience in national and international exceptional transport.

Nothing is left to chance and no risk is underestimated. Everything is meticulously calculated in order to transport your goods without risk.